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5 Reasons to Choose a Cordless Water Flosser over a Countertop One

Smiling lady using an advanced water flosser that's better than Waterpik. Aqua Jet Refresh from WhiteWaveSmile


You’ve read all about water flossers aka dental water jets or oral irrigators and are now ready to take the next step: buying one. Congratulations! You’ve begun a journey that will reap many rewards.

The first choice you’ll need to make is cordless or countertop? Our advice is to go cordless. Here are 5 strong reasons why cordless dental water jets are the more popular choice:

  1. They’re cheaper. Cordless water flossers can cost half the price of counter-top water flossers or even less, making them a smart, affordable choice.
  2. They can be just as powerful. In fact a good cordless dental water jet, depending on the brand and manufacturer, can be even more powerful than their counter-top counterparts, offering up to 120 PSI water pressure.
  3. They take up less space. Cordless oral irrigators are smaller and can be stored in a drawer, saving precious counter space.
  4. They’re portable and can be easily brought for business trips and family holidays. Some even bring them camping. Hey oral hygiene amirite?
  5. No need for a dedicated power outlet because they use batteries. The best water flossers use high-capacity lithium ion batteries that have fast USB charging.

To recap, counter-top models can cost twice as much, take up valuable counter-top space, need to be plugged in to be used, and are not portable. They used to be more powerful than cordless models but not anymore. The latest cordless models can beat them in water pressure PSI.

The one main advantage of counter-top dental water jets is their water tanks are usually 2-3 times larger. But most people use their water flosser in the washroom where water is readily available! It can take less than 10 seconds to refill a cordless water tank (especially one with a quick fill feature such as the Aqua Jet Refresh). To us, water tank capacity is a very minor advantage that doesn’t make up for all the advantages that cordless versions offer.

So a cordless water flosser is certainly the one to choose, given all the advantages they have over the counter-top versions.

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