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Advanced Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser | Aqua Jet Refresh™

Regular price   $99.99 Sale price   $59.99 Save 40%

Aqua Jet Refresh™ is the water flosser the competition doesn't want you to know about. 

Why? It's been ingeniously reengineered to be superior in every way. 

A higher-pressure water jet, more pulses per minute, more nozzles, a larger water tank, higher capacity rechargeable battery, and easy-clean design. IPX7 waterproof rating so you can use it in the shower worry-free. Wrapped up in a compact cordless slip-proof design that you can stow in a drawer without taking up precious countertop space. And with a handy carrying bag just in case.

It's the perfect water flossing experience that leaves your mouth feeling impeccably clean and fresh, at a price that can't be beat.

Aqua Jet Refresh™. The new best choice for first- and long-time flossers.

Water flossing is better than string flossing, and the Aqua Jet Refresh™ is superior to other water flossers.

Don't take our word for it. The American Dental Hygienists' Association recommends water flossing over string flossing.

Read on to find out why the Aqua Jet Refresh™ has everything you could want or need in a water flosser. It costs half the price of the leading brand whilst beating it in every category.

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  • No, we don’t refurbish or resell returned products! All of our products are brand new. We ask for you to return our product so we can simply perform some quality checks.

Shipping Policy:

  • We currently ship to all locations within the United States free of charge.
  • Orders are typically processed within 2-3 business days and delivered within 14 days.

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Package Contents:

  • One (1) unit WhiteWaveSmile’s Aqua Jet Refresh™ cordless oral irrigator and water tank
  • Two (2) standard high-pressure tips
  • One (1) periodontal tip
  • One (1) orthodontic tip
  • One (1) dental plaque tip
  • One (1) tongue cleaner tip
  • One (1) USB charging cable (wall unit not included)
  • One (1) carrying travel bag
  • One (1) user manual

Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS plastic body + PC (polycarbonate) water tank
  • Color: White / Black
  • Product size: 29.5cm*8.5*8.5
  • Type of pump: Diaphragm pump
  • Water pressure: 30-120PSI
  • Pulse frequency: 1800 times/min
  • Water tank volume: 300ml
  • Power source: Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Charging method: USB (compatible with global voltage 100-240 V)
  • Power input: DC 5V / 1A
  • Power output: 3.7V / 5W
  • Battery capacity: 1400mAh
  • Charging time: 3-4H
  • Operating time at full charge: 60 minutes continuous operation = approx. two (2) weeks @ 4 minutes per day
  • Standby time: 30-60 days
  • Noise: <50 dB
  • Certification: CE
  • Advanced Technology
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Tracked Shipping
  • Secure Payment

Why Do Customers Choose the Aqua Jet Refresh™ Cordless Advanced Water Flosser?

The cordless rechargeable advanced water flosser that's better than Waterpik. Aqua Jet Refresh from WhiteWaveSmile

Exceptional Cleaning that Leaves You Feeling Fresher than Ever

  • Powerful plaque removal: Up to 99.9% of plaque removed from treated areas
  • Healthier gums: Clinically proven up to 50% more effective for improving gum health
  • Ideal for implants: Clinically proven up to 2X as effective for improving gum health around implants using the included dental plaque tip
  • Excellent for braces: Clinically proven up to 3X as effective for removing plaque around braces with the included orthodontic tip
  • Removes plaque and debris from deep between teeth and below the gumline where brushing and traditional flossing can't reach, which helps prevent bad breath, gum disease, and irreversible tooth decay
  • Great for people with implants, and those with crowns, bridges, and veneers
  • Leaves your mouth feeling incredibly fresh and clean
  • All whilst being easier and more pleasant to use than traditional string floss
  • Did we mention it's better than the leading brand? Cheaper too.

Designed and Engineered to be the Indisputable #1 Water Flosser

More Power. More Value. Half the Cost.

Customers love our re-engineered water flosser, specifically designed to beat the market leader in cleaning power, longevity, functionality, usability, and most importantly cost.

With More Unique Advantages and Benefits Than the Leading Brand

Most advanced cordless rechargeable water flosser. Higher water pressure than Waterpik. Best value for your money. Aqua Jet Refresh from WhiteWaveSmile

Treat Yourself to a Better Flossing Experience

  • Choose up to 120 PSI water pressure to truly blast away plaque, food, and bacteria leaving your mouth feeling immaculately clean.
  • It's a dental jacuzzi with 1800 pulses per minute to stimulate blood flow and rejuvenate your gums. Especially perfect for healing or preventing gum disease.
Best advanced cordless rechargeable water flosser better than Waterpik. Five water pressure modes. 8 DIY water pressures. Aqua Jet Refresh from WhiteWaveSmile

One-Touch Mode Selector

  • Cycle through modes quickly and easily.
  • Two extra modes compared to the leading brand.
  • Gently wash gums and periodontal pockets, or vigorously blast away plaque and food remnants, as you like.
  • Pulse mode to improve gum health by stimulating blood flow.
  • DIY mode for more control on your desired water pressure.
Best cordless advanced rechargeable water flosser better than Waterpik. includes six flosser tip nozzles. More than Waterpik. Best value. Aqua Jet Refresh from WhiteWaveSmile

Everything You Need for All Types of Water Flossing

No need to pay extra to get the nozzles you need (unlike a certain other brand ahem). With Aqua Jet Refresh™ you get:

  • TWO standard tips for everyday use.
  • Dental plaque tip to access particularly stubborn plaque in tight hard-to-reach areas.
  • Periodontal tip for cleaning inside the gums or as prescribed by your periodontist.
  • Orthodontic tip for troublesome plaque around orthodontic brackets and wires.
  • Tongue scraper that removes bacteria and biofilm from the tongue and freshens your breath.
  • All made from food-grade materials that meet FDA standards.
Best cordless rechargeable advanced water flosser. Bigger water tank and flosses for longer than Waterpik. Best value for your money. Aqua Jet Refresh from WhiteWaveSmile

Spend Your Time Flossing Instead of (re)Filling

Avoid the frustration of running out of water with our 44% larger water tank.

  • Up to 90 seconds of luxurious uninterrupted flossing.
  • Saves more of your time - you can also refill the water tank without removing it (unlike that other brand).
Best rechargeable advanced cordless water flosser. Slip proof grip, IPX7 waterproof, washable, USB rechargeable battery. Best value for your money. Aqua Jet Refresh from WhiteWaveSmile

Includes All the Little Things that Matter

  1. IPX7 waterproof with anti-slip material. Use at the sink or shower, and wash it easily.
  2. USB powered. Just plug, charge, and floss.
  3. Cordless compact design means you can easily stow it away. No counter top space needed. Perfect for home and travel.
  4. Enjoy up to 2 weeks of use time and 180 days of standby time.

It Saves You Money in the Long-Term

Best cordless rechargeable advanced water flosser that improves your oral health, protects your teeth, saves you money. For the entire family. Aqua Jet Refresh from WhiteWaveSmile.

Save Up to $600 a Year with Aqua Jet Refresh™

  1. Dental cleaning fees = $100 to $300 per session
  2. Two sessions per year = $200 to $600 per year

One Aqua Jet Refresh is just $59.99!

Compared to the the leading brand Aqua Jet Refreshis more powerful, includes more accessories, and is half the cost for a limited time.

Try it now and find out what makes Aqua Jet Refresh™ the smartest choice when it comes to water flossers, and improve your oral health today.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.


  • Best plaque removal: Up to 99.9% of plaque can be removed from treated areas easily and effectively.
  • Improved gum health: Clinically proven to be up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss
  • Best for implants: Clinically proven to be up to 2X as effective for improving gum health around implants vs. string floss 
  • Best for braces: Clinically proven up to 3X as effective for removing plaque around braces vs. string floss
  • Better at removing plaque and debris from below the gumline and deep between teeth where brushing and traditional flossing can't reach. This improves your general oral health and prevents bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.
  • Leaves your mouth feeling incredibly fresh and clean
  • Best option for people with implants, and those with crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Our flosser is more powerful and longer lasting than W*terp*k’s latest cordless model, the Cordless Advanced 2.0. The advantages of Aqua Jet Refresh™:

  • 120 PSI vs 75 PSI = 60% more pressure to truly blast away plaque, bacteria, and food debris.
  • 1800 pulses per minute vs 1250 pulses = 44% more pulses per minute for a more invigorating cleanse and gum massage.
  • 10.1oz vs 7oz water tank (300ml vs 207ml) = 44% more water so you can floss uninterrupted for longer - up to 90 seconds.
  • Six specialized tips and more value - two more than W*terp*k. The Aqua Jet Refresh™ includes a periodontal tip and tongue cleaner tip which W*terp*k sells separately for $19.98 retail.
  • Five pressure settings including Pulse and DIY modes.

The Aqua Jet Refresh™ has been reengineered to pump water at 120 PSI, which is more powerful than the 100 PSI of W*terp*k’s countertop models.

And to provide you with the absolute best convenience, we specifically designed the Aqua Jet Refresh™ as cordless so you can enjoy:

  • A compact stow-away design that allows you to save the Aqua Jet RefreshTM in a drawer or cabinet, saving you precious countertop space.
  • No messy wires, tubes, or wall sockets needed to use the device. 
  • Travel-friendly, and includes a carry bag.
  • Dramatically reduced mold issues in the tubing compared to countertop models.
  • Easier to maintain and longer lasting due to a simpler design with fewer parts compared to a countertop model.

The Aqua Jet Refresh™ does not have as many mold issues as countertop models and some other cordless models:

  • Users of countertop models usually keep the tank full or partly full even when not in use, thus leading to the mold issues.
  • Aqua Jet Refresh‘s detachable water tank is easy to remove and dry, reducing the likelihood of mold forming.
  • The diaphragm pump works well with low or even almost empty tanks and tubes, allowing our flosser to expel water and dry the unit’s internals as much as possible before storage.

In the unlikely event that mold does form, please:

  • Fill the tank with a 1:8 solution of bleach:water
  • Run 1/2 of the solution through the flosser
  • Wait for 15 minutes
  • Run the remaining 1/2
  • (IMPORTANT) Rinse by running a full tank of clean water through the flosser at least three times.

A full charge supports up to 60 minutes of continuous use time - enough for up to 40 tanks or approximately two to three weeks if used twice a day.

However we recommend not draining the battery completely. To protect the battery life we recommend charging once every 1-2 weeks. Best performance is achieved on a full charge.

Definitely, and we've included special orthodontic and plaque seeker tips for customers who've had dental work done. You'll likely find water flossing easier and more pleasant than string flossing, not too mention much more effective.

It can produce sound of up to 50dB - around the same volume as a quiet to normal conversation. It doesn't produce any jarring or unpleasant noises.

Yes, and it will have the same effect on adults and children.

Also, children who are losing their baby teeth might especially benefit from using the periodontal tips and pulse massage mode.

We recommend either 1) an adult uses it on the child or 2) the child operates it under adult supervision.

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